Dandie Health


Dandies are an amazingly healthy breed, considering the small size of its gene pool.  To ensure our breed continues to stay robust in the decades to come, the DDTCA has established a program called HOOD, Health Of Our Dandies.

HOOD is the umbrella under which we will be gathering data and insights about our breed that will be useful to breeders and will aid in research to the benefit of all Dandies. 


The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) requires a minimum of two tests in order to gain certification.  The DDTCA was able to identify only one inherited disease that can be tested.  

Glaucoma surfaced as a problem in our breed 20-25 years ago.  Thanks to the quick decisions and responsible breeding of Dandie breeders, it surfaces only on occasion now and our breeders are committed to eradicating it completely.  CHIC-Certification can help.  

Since no other inherited disease for which there is a test has shown up in Dandies, CHIC agreed to allow Dandie owners to provide blood draws for research as a second requirement for certification.  The DDTCA encourages all Dandie owners to participate:

Blood Draws:  Our partner, Good Dog, prepared easy to follow  directions, click here INFOGRAPHIC  for directions.  

To request the blood draw kit, click this link: BLOOD DRAW FORMS

Eye Exams: The DDTCA is currently exploring where and when to offer  eye clinics where an ophthalmologist can perform the exam.  Stay tuned.  More information will be posted here when available. 

Other breed clubs have identified as many as 7 or 8 inherited diseases they test for in order to get CHIC certified.  Note that almost 200 breed clubs participate in the CHIC Program and contribute to the largest database of canine health in the world.  The DDTCA now has access to it.  Learn more about CHIC Certification on their website: HERE